Dupont Circle Farmer's Market - Washington, DC

Last Sunday, I visited the Dupont Circle Farmer's Market with some friends and the family. Farmer's markets are great places to make photos. Everything sold at the market is fresh and local, so most likely the objects you are photographing are at their peak. Plus there's plenty of fresh produce and other goods to sample. Check out the photos below (I wasn't too happy with the scan job by Walgreens this time).

On another note, since I've been shooting with my Yashica, I haven't picked up my digital camera once. I gotta give a shout out to my fellow photog Akins Lawal for introducing me to film. I've also been reading Jonathan Canlas' book "Film Is Not Dead" to learn more about shooting film -- I highly recommend it. Jonathan Canlas is a great artist and a master when it comes to film photography.