Welcome to the new edition of Mike 2.0

As you may or may not know, I used to blog using my old site at mikevibe.blogspot.com and now I've decided to resurrect my blog using SquareSpace.  Part of me is doing this to consolidate my personal social media content since I'm (just like everyone else) on Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, etc.  While this blog will be connected to those outlets, I'm also recreating my blog so that I can take advantage of what Facebook does to millions on a daily basis.  Millions share their personal information on Facebook not knowing that Facebook is able to turn their information to profit for themselves.  Obviously, this site won't make millions for me but it's a way I'll share information about myself without having to do it directly on three or four different sites.

Anyway, continue to check this blog out.  As usual, I'll have pictures and topics on food, wine, photography, among may other things.  It's a peek into my world...a lifestyle blog. 

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