Family Road Trip on Film - Sesame Place and Catoctin Mountain Orchard

I love my film camera!

Honestly, I love using it more than my digital camera. For some reason I trust it more...maybe it's because I take more time making the photo, rather than just shooting away. I feel like my Yashica FX-3 35mm makes images that I just can't get with my Nikon D90 or D700. And it's manual focus.

These photos are from a family road trip we took back in October. We packed up and made our way to Sesame Place just outside of Philadelphia, PA. There we met up with my sister-in-law and her family. On our way back home we stopped by Catocin Mountain Orchard in MD, to take in some fall festivities.

This is the last roll of film I shot using Kodak Portra 400 (developed and scanned at Walgreens). Arlene even took a few. Might be time to pick up a medium format film camera in 2012.

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