First roll of Ilford B&W 3200 film - Mae's Birthday

So here are some photos from my first roll of Ilford 3200 black and white film. I shot these during a night out to celebrate my sister's birthday with my Yashica and rated the film at 1600. I did some research on this film and from what I read it produces more grain than normal to give you that "artsy" look. You'll also notice below a line in the photos which I believe was produced by a piece of grit or sand in the camera. Another thing to note in some of the photos is the exposed "spool" - looks like the some frames were dislodged from the spool. Lesson learn here is that film is super sensitive and to err on overexposing by 2 stops when making photos in low light situations.  Anyway, let me know what you guys think.  BTW, got these developed at Penn Camera...not sure what happened with the scans.