Street Photography : U Street and Shaw - Washington, DC

Personal work. Man, I've stayed away from this for a while. After a series of weddings and engagement shoots, I felt the need to bring it back to another thing I enjoy - street photography. In a sense street photography is like shooting a wedding - lighting scenarios change and anticipating moments. Street photography gives me a chance to interact with strangers too, some folks shy away from the camera and others jump right in wanting their photo to be taken. For me, I always ask permission to take someones photo. I know others who don't and thats fine too. 

Here are some photos made with my Nikon D700 using a 50mm 1.4. I shot these photos on U Street along with Akins Lawal who was shooting film with his Contax 645 Medium Format camera. Let me know if you figure out the story I tried to tell here. Enjoy!