My Dog, Shea!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here are a couple of photos of my dog Shea. I made these while I was at my parents' house during Thanksgiving weekend. At the time, I was sitting on my mom's couch and I notice some really nice light in the backyard and decided to take some shots. Of course I grabbed my dog Shea, my trusty model who never complains. These were taken with my Nikon D90.

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Lobstering near Perry Cove, ME

If you've been following this blog for a while, you know I've been shooting a lot of film. Well I'm starting to turn back to digital and working to achieve the same "film" look. Here are some photos from a lobster boating trip I took during our family vacation in Maine. We took a lobster boating tour to learn about how lobsters are harvested off the coast of Maine. The fog was thick that day with a light drizzle and calm seas. Our captain was great and we had to release some lobsters back in the ocean since they did not meet weight/length restrictions or they were fertile females.

These were made with my Nikon D90.

Photographing Fireworks - Brambleton, VA

So last Saturday my neighborhood had their annual Red, White and Bram (Brambleton) Festival which included a day of concerts, food and fireworks. I decided to experiment and shoot fireworks at different shutter speeds and aperture settings to see what I would get. I didn't have a tripod on me so most of these shots were handheld while leaning the camera against a rail.  These were shot with my Nikon D90.  Can you tell which ones where shot with a slower shutter speed?