Meridian Hill Park

CHLORIS + EYOB : ENGAGEMENT Shoot Meridian Hill Park & U Street - WASHINGTON, DC

Here are some photos from Chloris and Eyob's engagement shoot I shot in March. We had to cancel our initial session due to weather, but this time the rain held up and the sun finally came to let us do our thing. I had an awesome time photographing them - their happiness definitely shined through.

These photos were taken at Meridian Hill Park (aka Malcolm X Park) and U Street - where they first met.

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Family Time at Meridian Hill Park | Washington, DC

I still love film!

Here are more photos from the same roll of Kodak Portra 160 using the Canon F-1 film camera. Arlene and I discovered Meridian Hill Park in DC on our way to friends house in Maryland. It's a great place for hanging out and a spot for a future engagement shoot.

Here are some random photos I took of Roman, Arl and the park. I didn't have a lens hood on my lens, hence the sun flares. I didn't like the effect particularly in these photos.

Random photos of the park. I like the sign the best.