Meridian Pint

Meridian Pint - Washington, DC

Today I met up with one of my good friends RJ at Meridian Pint in the Columbia Heights section of Washington, DC.  I was a little flustered making my way to this place, since I had to deal with traffic and getting lost (I never get lost in DC).  Once I bellied up to the bar everything was all good.  Meridian Pint has a huge selection of craft beers on tap and service was pretty good.  The food was okay, but this is a place you go for the beer.  They even have taps at your table (downstairs) where you can pour your own beer.  The service was extremely friendly and their eco-friendly concept is always good in my book.

Always good times chatting it up about sports, stocks and strategy over beers...that how great ideas get started.

RJ took the last photo.